Stay Smart Online Week

11th October 2019

An annual event, 'Stay Smart Online Week' which this year runs from 7-13 October, sees the Government working with small business operators to raise awareness about the ways people can protect themselves online.

There are six key steps that are recommended for you to follow to protect your business and keep information safe from cybercriminals, who could use it to commit tax fraud:

  1. Regularly review which of your staff has access to what and immediately cancel access to credentials like your AUSkey, bank accounts or client databases for anyone who no longer needs it.
  2. Use Spam Filters to keep unsolicited messages at bay which may contain malware.
  3. Use different and strong passwords across your online accounts. Research continues to highlight the same weak password are often used across multiple sites, which makes all those accounts vulnerable. Every day, new data breaches publicly expose millions of usernames and passwords.
  4. Don't leave your computer unattended or unlocked as information could be stolen.
  5. Regularly run anti-virus, malware scans and software updates.
  6. Add multi-factor authentication when available.

For more information about 'Stay Smart Online Week' click here

For more information on ATO impersonation scams and how to report them click here.

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